USE '18

2018-08-04, 200 words

We will talk about how we use symbolic execution in BINSEC at USE'18 @ ICST'18.

Here are the slides of the presentation..


2017-16-10, 100 words
There will be a BINSEC tutorial @ SSPREW-7. The tutorial uses a virtual machine which contains a compiled development snapshot of BINSEC and some examples. You can download it from (md5: 8d473d800b1fd2d3a2a929a51d1cb990). username : vagrant password : vagrant The examples are found in the examples directory. The above link will be active for 2 weeks only from November, 30. Here are the slides.


2017-29-04, 100 words

We --- my colleague Sébastien and I --- are organizing the 8th International Summer School on Information Security and Protection.


2017-29-04, 100 words
I will be @ RESSI to talk about BINSEC on behalf of all the group.

Postdoc positions @ CEA LIST

2017-29-03, 100 words

The Software Reliability Lab at CEA LIST (Paris Saclay, France) is offering postdoc positions about Software security through binary-level analysis.